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We believe it is important to take steps to protect and preserve the valuable natural resources of our beautiful Hudson Valley, so we strive to make each issue of HUDSON VALLEY WINE magazine as environmentally responsible as possible.

Our commitment begins with the paper. HUDSON VALLEY WINE magazine is printed on post-consumer recycled paper. In addition, our printer is part of a network of certified merchants who purchase products from FSC-certified forests – those that are being conserved, and tracked – insuring that our paper is made from the most sustainable practices available today. Our printer is also located in New York State, which helps minimize fuel consumption for shipping and distribution.

We encourage our readers to pass our magazine along to friends and colleagues before it hits the recycling bin, allowing us to utilize less paper by printing fewer copies – while increasing our reach throughout the Hudson Valley and beyond.

We pledge to continue to take steps for HUDSON VALLEY WINE magazine to leave a small impact on the environment, while still making a big impact on our readers.

Printed using sustainable practices

Hudson Valley Wine magazine Summer 2018 issue
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